Eagle Lake

Through meditative yoga, yoga nidra, poetry and dialogue, Tina shares the teachings and practices of non-dual yoga in small gatherings in the Eagle Lake area.   Please contact for details.   


Meditative Yoga and Yoga Nidra                                                                                                                                       Join Tina for a morning of quiet practice.   This meditative approach to yoga is a guided exploration of gentle movement and stillness, sensing body and breath.      We will also engage in the deeply relaxing and healing practice of yoga nidra meditation.  All are welcome.  No experience, skill, or flexibility is required; come as you are.   

  • April 9 
  • April 30                                                                               

10 am - 12:00 noon      cost:  $25  

Blue Sky Yoga Studio, Haliburton

Please call or email to register or for more information.      705 457 6675    tina.koskelo@gmail.com  





"We're all just walking each other home"  Ram Dass